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Mahmoud Hasan SEO Specialist

Mahmoud SEO Specialist at Kuality AI discovered his passion for technology during the pandemic. Which has taken him from the world of Agricultural to the world of SEO and search engines, In this interview, Mahmoud shares his journey of passion combining two different domains.

Growing up, Mahmoud was fascinated by the intricate structure of plant cells and their unique ability to convert light energy into chemical energy. Which makes them the sole producers in the ecological pyramid and the foundation of life on Earth. This fascination led him to pursue a degree in Agricultural Engineering and later, a master’s degree in Plant Protection at Aleppo University.

However, during the pandemic, he was teaching English conversation and instead of suspending work, he managed to resume online, This experience exposed him to various online meeting platforms and interactive learning tools like Kahoot, Mentimeter, and Interactive Whiteboard … Etc, and made him increasingly interested in technology and its potential for problem-solving and the scalability advantages it offers.
With a newfound appreciation for technology, Mahmoud decided to delve deeper and began learning to code, focusing on web development languages and understanding search engines’ inner workings, paving the way for a career in the tech industry.

The Journey into SEO

Mahmoud’s introduction to SEO and digital marketing began in 2018 when he was writing articles with the Business Solution platform. Recognizing the need for SEO-friendly content, he began to learn the principles of SEO writing. After graduating, he started his own print-on-demand website which prompted him to recognize the importance of SEO in driving traffic and increasing sales. With limited resources, he had to hone his own SEO skills This hands-on experience provided invaluable insight into the field.

He continued to volunteer with the Syrian Climate Pioneers Association as an SEO specialist, ultimately landing his current role at Kuality AI.

At Kuality AI, Mahmoud uses his knowledge to optimize the company’s products and services for better search engine visibility. He conducts keyword research, writes SEO-friendly articles, monitors traffic and engagement metrics, and continuously improves website content to provide value to potential clients.

When asked about the challenges facing SEO professionals today, Mahmoud highlighted the constant changes and updates to search engine algorithms and the increasing competition for attention and visibility. He believes that SEO professionals need to be creative, strategic, and adaptive to stay ahead of the curve.

Creating Social Impact

The Syrian crisis and the loss of his younger brother during it deeply affected him and led him to work voluntarily toward peace-building and coexistence in Syria,
In this sense of responsibility and desire to make a positive impact. He Launched the Award-winning project E-Culture Campsite with JCI NGO, which aimed to create an online cultural exchange between people from different cultures and backgrounds and reached out to beneficiaries from more than 40 countries around the world,
Another impactful project was with the Mobaderoon Association, which aimed to empower
a group of young people with peacebuilding and active citizenship concepts.
During the recent earthquake, Mahmoud collaborated with a group of Syrian programmers to launch Fazaa, a website connecting donors and affected individuals to improve relief efforts. These projects taught him the importance of collaboration and community engagement in achieving successful outcomes.

The Intersection Between Professional & Academic Paths

Mahmoud believes that every stage in our life shapes part of our identity that can’t be written off so instead of leaving agriculture he wants to complete study abroad a major in digital agriculture, he is particularly interested in precision agriculture technologies, such as drones and sensors, to improve crop yields and reduce waste. He also mentioned the potential of AI and machine learning to predict weather patterns and optimize irrigation schedules, ultimately creating more sustainable and efficient agricultural systems.

Challenges and Opportunities in Pursuing Two Different Domains

Mahmoud’s decision to work in this field has been both challenging and rewarding. One of the biggest challenges he has faced is adapting to the new industry and learning different sets of skills and lacking a life-work balance. However, this has also given him opportunities for growth and development that he may not have otherwise encountered. Working in two different fields has enabled him to expand his professional network and gain a wider range of job opportunities.

Advice for Aspiring Professionals

Finally, Considering his multifaceted career journey we asked him to share pieces of advice for aspiring professionals who are looking to shift their Career path, he said:
It’s okay to explore diverse opportunities during the 20th but once you found your way better focus on it to establish a strong foundation because Specialization builds wealth, while diversification protects and develops it should it was already existed, However, in contexts like Syria, academic and professional choices are often limited by out of control circumstances. In such situations, it’s important to strike a balance between passion and reality, and between available and ideal opportunities however, try to Keep your standards high and don’t accept something just because it’s available, and don’t be afraid to take risks and pursue your passions. Whether starting a new business or anything else, following your passions can lead to fulfilling and impactful experiences.



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